Saturday, January 26, 2013

ToNB OmLoop Race Recap

The weather was perfect. I was discarding my arm warmers and vest before the race and using the porter John one last time before line up. As I finish my business I notice the women's field already had been called up, leaving me a back row parking slot as I wait for the start whistle. I am not alone: Kathleen was next to me and just as disgruntled. I hope none of these bitches in front of us go down on the roll out. Please let everyone clip in alright! Tobin starts the race and we are off without any issues. We warm up on a short climb then bomb down the big hill. Everyone is feeling each other out. As our momentum from the down hill wears off and we slow, the peloton bunches up. Then I hear it: CrAsH!!! The unmistakable sound of multiple bikes screeching and slamming into pavement. After a quick roll call, our whole team has been accounted for and avoided the crash. Rheannon and I were ahead of it, Kim was next to it, Chelsea rode over it, and Nadia and Kelley avoided it. Phew. 

I attack! Kathleen pulls the field up to me. We alternate attacking and chasing down attacks.we worked great together as a team. I think everyone on RCM had at least one good attack! Woohoo! No one got away, no breaks. It would come down to a sprint.

One lap to go--- we crest the hill. Rhe goes to the front to start the drag race. Nadia comes up to relieve her. We are still around 1k from the finish. The pack bunches and kim finds herself blocked out of the prime sprinting spot. Kathleen gets a rear flat and I am blocked in and i could not get out to shelter Kim and lead her out. I had to grab brakes to get around a bike barn girl and just went all out. I would string the pack out at 500M and hope no one would be able to come around but Exergy and Mandie Shama were both successful. I got the team a 3rd overall.

RCM left with 5 en envelopes of cash totaling around $220. Great race ladies!