Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pace Bend RR 2015

First Road Race of the season! After cyclocross ended in January and a hiding out for almost three months, the last month not riding much at all, I decided to expose myself and race. I was nervous for a number of reasons but I was excited to be back on my bike, ready to race. The weather was very uncharacteristic for Pace Bend Road Race, but I was there and dressed and ready to battle the drizzle and cold. With out Kim, Kate, and Rhe it didn't feel quite the same. But I did have Leila and Kirsten there to play.

The race was uneventful, a slim few moves were made and nothing stuck. The pace was kept pretty steady, not much soft pedaling, but nothing that was too strung out for a long amount of time. 8 laps went by pretty quick. Around 2 to go the pace got a little punchy and a few girls fell victim off the back. The sprint came early when Kat took off with about 2k to go. We all lined up behind her and she sat up at the 1k mark and then MSU picked it up. The road curved left, I bounced over the turtles in the middle of the road. The pace was high, my legs didn't have what was needed to stay on a wheel or sprint around. I saw people come around me. I couldn't react.  I came across 18th.

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